Note: This container currently works only on the GPU nodes on hpc-class and the scs-lab clusters

Note: Ros Indigo needs X11 forwarding enabled to function

To pull(download) the ROS container image

singularity pull shub://ISU-HPC/ros:indigo

For Kinetic ROS, change the tag to "kinetic"

This instance of the container includes the "Ros Indigo Desktop-Full" packages and libraries.

To launch the master

salloc -p gpu -t 2:00:00

module load singularity

singularity instance.start ros.simg roscore
singularity exec --nv instance://roscore roscore &

There may be errors about path bindings, these can be safely ignored.

To launch RVIZ,

singularity exec --nv ros.simg rosrun rviz rviz

To stop the roscore instance

$ singularity instance.stop roscore

SCSLab Users

The "data" volume is not mounted by default. You need to manually mount to access the volume via the container.

$ singularity exec -B /data:/data --nv /shared/hpc/containers/ros-indigo.img bash

Common Issues

1. If you encounter Xauth error, type the following in your shell

$ xauth merge ~/.Xauthority

2. If you encounter "cannot connect to X server," please make sure you have X11 forwarding enabled.

Further Reading:

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