The HPC model enables Iowa State University to:

  • Increase the scale and availability of HPC resources for researchers,
  • Develop a model that is affordable to researchers and sustainable by Iowa State,
  • Leverage an economy of scale in high performance computing and reduce overhead and duplicative costs without negatively impacting the science,
  • Build a community of need around an emerging technology in an efficient manner,
  • Enhance the research infrastructure at Iowa State not only to encourage more aggressive research but also to have facilities available that will help recruit and retain premiere faculty, and
  • Create an environment where those who do not have existing grant funding can obtain development resources.

HPC research at Iowa State University totals approximately $3.5m per year with research grants from the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and other granting organizations. The following are just a few examples of the research being done through the support of this facility.

    Submitting a Proposal?

Budget Information

For estimating purposes, please use the following information in the development of your proposal budget. The final cost to the grant award will be actual rather than estimated. Note: ISU research groups could share cost of nodes or storage.



$45,000 (4)

Budget Justification

Dual 18 core 2.3GHz  Intel Scalable processors, 384 GB of shared memory, 1.6 TB of NVME 3DWPD SSD local disk space, Mellanox EDR (100 Gbit) Infiniband card/cable, and 1Gbit Ethernet & cable + 5 years parts warranty. Nodes come in groups of 4, with 2 hot swappable redundant power supplies providing power for all 4.


$55,000 (Per file system pair for 336 TB of disk space)

Budget Justification

Storage is purchased as pairs of fileservers, which have redundant power supplies, and are set up to automatically failover should one fileserver go down. A pair of fileservers comes with 2 independent 44 bay JBOD enclosure attached. Each enclosure has redundant fans, and power supplies, all of which are hotswappable. All disks are 12Gb/s 7200 RPM Enterprise SAS drives. The storage is also configured so that yesterday's copy of the data is retained in case of filesystem corruption.

This provides a 336 TB zpool consisting of four 84 TB RAID-Z3 raidsets available for storing data. The fileservers are connected via 40Gbit Infiniband to provide fast access to the data. 

NSF "Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources" Information

CyEnce Cluster

Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources

[Other resources here]

Computing Facilities

The research in part will be supported by the CyEnce Cluster available at Iowa State University as part of a MRI and a CRI grant from the National Science Foundation. The equipment comprises the following.

  • 240 nodes, 16 cores/node, 128GB/node, 3TB local disk
  • 24 nodes, 16 cores/node, 128GB/node, dual K-20 NVidea K-20 nodes
  • 24 nodes, 16 cores/node, 128GB/node, dual 60 core Intel Phi 511OP
  • A head node, 16 I/O nodes, and one data transfer node
  • One fat node, 16 cores/node, 1TB memory
  • 288TB shared Lustre scratch disk space and 768TB of RAID-6 long term NFS disk space
  • GigE and QDR (40Gbit) InfiniBand interconnects for each node (via a stacked Ethernet switch and a 324 port InfiniBand switch)

Condo Cluster

Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources

[Other resources here]

Computing Facilities

The equipment comprises the following.

  • 196 nodes, 16 cores/node, 128GB/node, 2.5 TB local disk
  • A head node, 4 I/O node, and one data transfer node
  • 1 PB of RAID-Z3 NFS disk space with backup, using ZFS with snapshots and on-the-fly compression.
  • 118 TB /ptmp space
  • GigE and QDR (40Gbit) InfiniBand interconnects for each node (via multiple interconnected 48 port Ethernet switches and 24 port InfiniBand switches)

    Preparing a Paper or Publication?

If you are preparing a paper or publication that references research that used ISU HPC resources, add the following:

"The research reported in this paper is partially supported by the HPC@ISU equipment at Iowa State University, some of which has been purchased through funding provided by NSF under MRI grants number 1726447 and MRI2018594."

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