Recources for Obtaining Help

For help send email to 

In your email please specify the following:

  • the name of the machine you are using
  • a detailed description of the problem and the procedure you went through when this problem occurred, and
  • if error messages were issued, provide a copy of them.


Some help requests may require that computer administrators or help desk personnel access your account as you to verify a problem or a solution.  By requesting such help, you are implicitly giving permission to access you account in this manner.  Examples of such requests are: 

  • My job will not run. 
  • I do not have permissions to do X
  • My job will run on one node, but not run on multiple nodes. 
  • I can’t access standard executable like ls or rm
  • My job stays queued all the time.
  • I can’t login to my account.
  • Standard commands fail.