The High Performance Computing facility in Durham Center provides access to petascale systems that support large-scale computing needs for scientific and instructional endeavors at Iowa State University. View a list of systems and equipment.

    Management, Support, & Facilities

The Chief Information Officer will be responsible for the general management of the HPC operation. This includes staff to assist with creating applications, staff access on a case-by-case basis, hosting of all nodes not maintained by a College or Center, coordinating of all utilities, financial administration, etc. The goal is for all to participate so that synergies can be uncovered and resources allocated in the most beneficial way.

Name Role Unit
  Jim Kurtenbach Chief Information Officer (CIO) Office of the CIO
  Jim Coyle Operations Information Technology Services

    Strategy & Planning

HPC Steering Committee

  • Advises the Vice President for Research on use of institutional matching funds for HPC,
  • Advises the CIO on HPC needs for university data center space,
  • Identifies proposals that require planning for facilities,
  • Connects researchers with similar computing needs,
  • Build HPC Community,
  • Encourages collaborative HPC efforts and proposals,
  • Sets the direction for campus HPC, and
  • Coordinates ISU efforts in the Great Lakes Consortium for Petascale Computation.
Name Committee Role Title Unit
  James Reecy Chair Professor of Animal Science
Director of the Office of Biotechnology
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Departments of Animal Science
  Arne Hallam Representative Associate Dean for Research College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  Joe Colletti Representative Professor and Senior Associate Dean College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Ciardo, Gianfranco Representative Professor and Chair Computer Science
  Johnson, Duane Representative Professor Ames Laboratory of US DOE
  Takle, Gene Representative Professor Agronomy
Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
  Lamm, Monica H. Representative Associate Professor Chemical & Biological Engineering
  Lawrence-Dill, Carolyn Representative Associate Professor Genetics/Development & Cell Biology-AGLS
  Friedberg, Iddo Representative Associate Professor Vet Microbiology & Preventive Medicine
  Rossmanith, James Representative

Associate Professor

  Zhu, Zhengyuan Representative Associate Professor Statistics
  Baskar Ganapathysubramanian Representative Associate Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering
  Boyles, Jan Representative Assistant Professor Greenlee School Journalism/Communication
  Westort, Caroline Representative Assistant Professor Landscape Architecture

  Zhang, Zhu

Representative Assistant Professor Supply Chain & Information Systems
  Kurtenbach, Jim Ex-Officio Interim Vice President and Chief Information Officer Office of the CIO
  Jim Coyle Ex-Officio Director for High Performance Computing Information Technology Services: Academic Technologies
  Kliemann, Wolfgang Ex-Officio Associate Vice President for Research Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development

    HPC Community (HPC Comm)

HPC Comm is an Iowa State University community that promotes dialog focused on high performance computing in research and education. HPC Comm is a university-wide community where ideas and resources can be shared and debate can occur on future technology directions at ISU. HPC Comm is open to all interested ISU faculty and staff.

HPC Comm established a listserve to maintain dialog about, share news, and to publicize events related to high performance computing at Iowa State. Any interested faculty, staff and graduate students are welcome to participate.

If you would like to join HPC Comm, subscribe to the HPC Comm email list.

    Systems & Equipment

Check out the complete list of HPC Systems & Equipment.