Globus Connect

condodtn and novadtn are the only two machines we are currently supporting with Globus Connect.

The endpoint names are: CondoDTN and Nova DTN (owned by



  • In a browser, navigate to , click ‘Log In’ in the upper right corner.
  • Select Iowa State University for your organization, click ‘Continue’ then click ‘Log On’ on the next page.
  • Login with your university credentials at the familiar login page if you have not previously logged in.
  • You should now be on the ‘Transfer Files’ page


Copying Data

The Transfer Files page has two panes to represent the two system that you want to copy data between. You will need to select an Endpoint for each pane and most likely, authenticate.

  • Click in the ‘Endpoint’ box on one of the unused panes. A selection window will appear.
  • If you see your desired end point, click it and continue. If you do not see your desired end point start typing the name in the box at the top. When your endpoint appears, select it. You should NOT be asked to authenticate if you logged into Globus using Octa. Otherwise:
    • Condo and Nova users will be prompted to authenticate to
    • Username is your ISU NetID, i.e. the text to the left of ‘@’ in your email (do not include the "")
    • Your password is your ISU password PLUS the six digits generated by Google Authenticator for access to the condo or nova cluster. You would use ‘Password123456’ for the password field where ‘123456’ would be the current code from Google Authenticator and ‘Password’ would be your normal password.
  • Once you have logged in on both panes you will need to navigate to the data you want to copy in one pane (source pane) and navigate to the location you want it copied to on the other pane (destination pane).
  • Before you start your copy look at the transfer settings at the bottom of the page. The question marks will give a short description of each option.
  • To start the transfer click the blue box with the arrow at the top of the page pointing in the direction of the destination pane.
  • You may now click ‘Activity’ at the top of the page to see a list of current and prior transfers.


Globus Connect Personal

To transfer files to your personal computer you may use Globus Connect Personal. A link can be found at the bottom right of the Transfer Files window or at the top of the Endpoints window.