HPC clusters at ISU

Nova HPC cluster (listed in the Systems & Equipment section) is available to ISU users.

Access to Nova is managed through Account Services on the Web (ASW) access lists.


The Instruction portion of Nova cluster supports classroom instructions. The instructors on record can request access to for themselves and the students taking their classes via this form. Once the class list is added to the Nova ASW access list, students can login to the cluster. This portion is funded by the university.

The Research portion of Nova is funded both by the University and the individual PIs, as well as Colleges/Departments. Central funds cover infrastructure (interconnects, racks) and running of the cluster (electricity, cooling, system support), while PIs and some units purchase nodes and storage. Starting 2024 ISU researchers are no longer required to purchase nodes on the cluster to get access. Any ISU faculty or staff can request access to Nova by submitting this form and will receive a basic community-access allocation for their group. Purchasing compute nodes increases group’s allocation above the basic community level, allowing group users to run larger and longer jobs. Nova users are not limited to nodes that they purchased and can run computations on any compute node on the cluster, including fat and GPU nodes. 

When a group is added to Nova, a new ASW access list is created for the group. PIs, that already have access to a cluster, can manage access for their group members at Account Services on the Web (ASW) website by adding and/or deleting users to/from appropriate ASW access list.


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