Google Auth on Windows Phone

Accounts on Condo Cluster require the use of Google Authenticator. The Google Authenticator provides a six digit one-time password users must provide in addition to their username and password to log into Condo Cluster.

Google does not provide Google Authenticator for Windows Phones, however one can use Microsoft Authenticator available in the Windows Phone Store.

Install Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device using both the instructions below and at 7Tutorials website.

You can use the Microsoft Authenticator app to receive codes even if you don't have an Internet connection or mobile service.

Microsoft Authenticator can issue codes for multiple accounts from the same device. Simply link every account to the device using the appropriate Google Authenticator code. The Google Authenticator code for your access to ISU HPC Clusters will be provided to you via email (see the detailed instructions below).

In addition an account can be linked to multiple devices. In this case use the same Google Authenticator code on all devices.

Downloading the app

Download and install the application on your Windows Phone.

Setting up the app

After you attempt to login to ISU clusters (Nova, Condo or CyEnce) for the first time, a GA account will be created for you and you will receive an email containing code that should be used to initialize GA on your mobile device.

If you have already had GA installed and initialized but now need to either re-install GA or install it on a new device, and if you saved your SMS phone number in the system, you can reset GA account by going to After resetting GA account you will receive an email containing code that should be used to initialize GA on your mobile device.

On your Windows Phone, open the Authenticator application.

Click the add (+) button.

There are two ways to link your device to your account. Using QR code is easier, just tap the camera icon on the bottom. An alternative would be to use the Google Authenticator key listed in the email.

After adding and saving account in the Authenticator, verify that the application is working correctly by logging (using ssh) to

Enter the verification code currently displayed in authenticator

If your code is correct, you will be connected to Condo Cluster. If your code is incorrect, try generating a new verification code on your phone, then entering it on your computer. If you're still having trouble, you might want to verify that the time on your phone is correct or read about common issues.

When logged in, save an SMS phone number in the system by issuing if you have not done so earlier.