As of July 1, 2021 the whole Condo Cluster is under Free Tier model. The cluster consists primarily of 158 SuperMicro servers each with two 8-core Intel Haswell processors, 128 GB of memory and 2.5 TB of available local disk. Besides these compute nodes there are three large memory nodes. Two large memory nodes have four 8-core Intel Ivy Bridge processors and 1 TB of main memory. Third large memory node has four 10-core Ivy Bridge processors and 2 TB of main memory. One GPU node has two 10-core Intel Haswell processors, two NVIDIA Tesla K20c accelerator cards, 768 GB of memory and 5.5 TB of available local disk. All nodes and storage are connected via Intel/Qlogic QDR InfiniBand (40 Gb/s) switch.

Detailed Hardware Specification

Number of NodesProcessors per NodeCores per NodeMemory per NodeInterconnectLocal $TMPDIR DiskAccelerator CardCPU-Hour Cost FactorPartition
158Two 2.6 GHz 8-Core
Intel E5-2640 v3
16128 GB40G IB2.5 TBN/A1.00 
2Four 2.6 GHz 8-Core
Intel E5 4620 v2
321 TB40G IB1.8 TBN/A4.50fat
1Four 2.2 GHz 10-Core
Intel E7-4830 v2
402 TB40G IB1.3 TBN/A9.45huge

Two 2.3 GHz 10-Core
Intel E5-2650 v3

20768 GB40G IB5.5 TB2x NVIDIA K20c2.00gpu