Apply for an allocation on Neocortex supercomputer by April 19, 2023

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center is soliciting applications for an allocation on the Neocortex supercomputer:

Dear researcher,

If you haven’t already, please consider applying for a 1-year allocation on Neocortex, by April 19th. Neocortex, an NSF-funded supercomputer, features the specialized Cerebras WSE chip designed to accelerate AI and HPC research in pursuit of science, discovery, and societal good. Applications leveraging large natural language processing models are encouraged. Below, you can find more details on the four types of applications of interest including non-AI areas. 

More info and application link! 

Applications of interest:

  1. Deep learning workflows leveraging models as-is from the Cerebras Modelzoo using PyTorch and TensorFlow.

    • Supported models include Transformer style models such as BERT, GPT, Transformer, T5, and ViT. 2D UNet models are also supported with limited functionality.

  1. Deep learning workflows leveraging models similar to those of the Cerebras Modelzoo using PyTorch and TensorFlow.

  1. General purpose projects leveraging the Cerebras SDK and CSL (the Cerebras equivalent of CUDA).

  1. Domain specific programming on structured grids leveraging the specialized WFA API


We encourage interested researchers to view the slides and recording from our informational webinar and review the call for proposals guidelines. Questions regarding Neocortex or the application process are welcomed at


We look forward to your application!

Paola A. Buitrago

PI and Project Director, Neocortex

Director of AI and Big Data, PSC