Survey on Conversational AI Interface for HPC

A Message from researchers at Ohio Supercomputer Center:


Dear HPC Colleagues,

We are reaching out to ask you to provide your feedback and take a survey about HPC interfaces.

We are investigating the use of conversational AI techniques to improve the productivity of researchers’ use of common HPC development tools -- including job schedulers, profilers, debuggers, and MPI libraries. Our vision is to design and develop conversational agents -- like Siri or Alexa -- for HPC tools that assist users through voice and text (in plain English) inputs. We have named this agent CAI (Conversational AI Interface) for HPC.

We anticipate that CAI will allow HPC users to perform their tasks -- such as submitting jobs, running applications, and installing software packages -- by speaking or typing their commands to these tools instead of only relying on existing CLI/GUI interfaces. Note that the conversational interfaces will be provided in addition to existing interaction through CLI/GUI interfaces.

To better assist us in designing CAI – your valuable input is requested via a survey as an anonymous HPC user. The goal of this survey is to understand the needs of valuable members of the HPC community (i.e. you) and incorporate feedback into the design of our proposed CAI agent. Here is the Link:

All the data in this survey are collected anonymously. If you wish to provide your name and email toward the end, we will remove your personal information from the results of the survey and will not disclose them to any party.
The results of the survey could be used for potential publications and analysis of novel interfaces for interacting with HPC.

Thanks for your time! Please feel free to distribute this survey to other interested or potential HPC users. May the force be strong with you!



Hari Subramoni and Pouya Kousha  

Ohio Supercomputer Center