Azure Accelerator Program for Research

Do you or a researcher you know work on a project related to machine learning, deep learning, or image processing and analysis? Are you interested in harnessing the power of cloud computing for your research?  Internet2 CLASS and Microsoft Azure are collaborating on an exciting opportunity: the Azure Accelerator Program for Research!

This 10-week immersive, cohort-based program will provide the opportunity for the research and education community that Internet2 serves to explore how cloud computing can accelerate your research, leverage the vast array of data science tools and services that Azure provides, and ultimately arrive at better and faster scientific results!

See the Call for Applications or jump straight ahead and submit an application. Send along any questions to



  • Internet2 CLASS program is collaborating on an Azure Accelerator Program for Research. 
  • There is no charge, but only five applications will be accepted. 
  • Due date is September 10. 
  • Program runs for ten weeks starting Oct. 5th
  • Week 1: 3 days immersive
  • Weeds 2-8: 4 hours/week