Early access to the NSF-funded AI supercomputer, Voyager

SDSC is seeking a small number of researchers interested in exploring the NSF-funded AI supercomputer, Voyager, which is currently in the testbed phase at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. Voyager is based on Intel’s Habana Lab AI processors and provides a unique opportunity to use AI focused hardware for exploring AI in science and engineering. Voyager features Habana’s Gaudi processors optimized for training, Goya processors optimized for inference, 100 GbE all-to-all connection within Gaudi nodes, 24 x 100GbE RDMA RoCE for scale-out across Gaudi nodes, and a Ceph file system. Currently TensorFlow and PyTorch based AI applications are best suited for running on the Gaudi and the Goya processors, although users can develop custom codes. Details on Voyager are available here https://www.sdsc.edu/support/user_guides/voyager.html .

If you are interested to learn more about Voyager and its suitability for your research please fill out the form at https://na.eventscloud.com/voyager2022 by Sunday, August 28, so we may add you to the invitation for an upcoming Introduction to Voyager training webinar.