Using JupyterHub on the HPC Clusters on October 29, 2021

The following materials from the workshop are available for download:


Dates & Times:  Friday, October 29, 2021, 206 Durham from 11:00 to 12:30. 

To register, go to:


Workshop Purpose:
JupyterHub service is used to deploy Jupyter Notebook/Lab for users on the hpc-class and Condo clusters.

The session introduces class/condo cluster users to JupyterHub and how it can be a helpful tool for class instruction and collaboration within a research project. JupyterHub spawns and manages multiple instances of jupyter notebook/lab. These notebook servers are hosted on the compute nodes of the cluster to facilitate sharing and collaborating. 

In this session users will get a brief introduction on navigating the JupyterHub page with some background on the hardware capabilities of each cluster and how to efficiently spawn notebook instances.

We will then demonstrate the features of jupyter notebook, creating conda environments and using it as a tool for instruction.

We will also discuss the role that the administrators play and how they can help users/groups leverage the most out of this service.  



1. Must have an account on Condo and/or the Student Cluster (to request a free account on Condo, submit the form)

2. Bring your laptop

3. For Condo users, bring a device running GA app, see below



1.  Obtain an ssh client on your laptop  (Linux, MacOS and newer Windows 10 should have it; for older versions of Windows OS install Putty: per

2.  Condo users: Install the Google Authenticator or Authy, see . There are install instructions for the different types of devices, Android, Apple, etc.