Globus 101 Webinar on October 6

FREE Globus 101 Webinar
Thursday October 6 2016 1PM CDT

This FREE webinar will introduce people to how to use Globus for file transfers, file sharing and more.


The OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research (OSCER) is hosting a webinar on managing research data with Globus.

Globus is software-as-a-service for research data management and provides high speed, secure file transfer; file sharing directly from existing stage systems; and data publication to institutional repositories.

Developed and operated by the University of Chicago, Globus has become a preferred service for moving and sharing data between and among a wide variety of storage systems at research labs, campus computing resources, and national facilities across the US.

In this session, you will learn about the features of the Globus service, and how to use it to streamline your research data flows.

The webinar will help you answer these questions:

* How can Globus help me overcome the challenges I face in moving increasingly "big" datasets?

* How can I share data with collaborators at other institutions more efficiently?

* How can I use Globus to more easily leverage large-scale computing resources, both on campus and beyond?

The presentation is aimed at those new to Globus, but attendees with prior Globus experience may also benefit by learning about
new and planned features.

This webinar will be made available live via BlueJeans videoconferencing.

Registrants will be sent connection information in advance.


Steve Tuecke, Globus/U Chicago
Vas Vasiliadis, Globus/U Chicago
Henry Neeman, U Oklahoma
Debi Gentis, U Oklahoma