HPC Training Workshop

HPC Training Workshop

How to use the Condo and CyEnce clusters and

Allinea’s performance and debugging tools


Time:  Wednesday May 18, 2016, 1:00 to 4:30

Place:  206 Durham Center

Instructor:  Professor Glenn Luecke

Description:  This workshop is designed to help students and faculty port, debug and optimize their applications and run them on the Condo and CyEnce clusters.  Bring your laptops and condo/cyence user-id and password so you can receive personal help.  Workshop topics include:

     *  How to create your work and lustre/ptmp directories.

     *  How to use the Data Transfer Node for copying data.

     *  How to use the Intel compilers for debugging and for high performance.

     *  How to run MPI and OpenMP jobs for high performance using the Torque queuing software.

     *  How to run jobs on large memory nodes.

     *  How many nodes should one use?

     *  How to use Intel Math Kernel Library.

     *  How to use Allinea’s DDT debugging tool and their MAP performance tool.

     *  This workshop will not discuss how to use GPUs or Intel Phi co-processors. 

The workshop will also include a tour of the machine room where participants can see the Condo and CyEnce clusters.  After the tour of the machine room, participants may return to 206 Durham and receive individual help and hands-on training in the use of DDT and/or MAP.  For those staying, be sure to bring your laptops ready to receive X connections, see below.

Registration:  There is no cost to attend but you must register by Monday May 16 by 5:00 pm to reserve space for you.  There is limited space in so send your registration soon. If you are interested in attending the workshop, go to https://iastate.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_6QfwWKSQA2xA7Qh to register.