Want to try HPC? CyStorm is Open for Business

CyStorm, one of several High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, is now ready for general campus use.

"This is a good time for campus users to get their feet wet with HPC, as there is no cost for the user," said Arun Somani, Chair of the ISU HPC Steering Committee and Associate Dean for Research of the College of Engineering. Somani was the principal investigator for the grant that funded the new HPC cluster. This opportunity is temporary until the Condo Cluster is in place, sometime next summer. In the near future, ISU will be doing a group buy for the more formal Condo Cluster. If you are interested in participating in the group buy, the budgetary information you need can be found on the HPC Research page.

CyStorm provides a bridge to the Condo Cluster and supports researchers who are developing unfunded research, preparing proposals, or working on existing funded grants. Disk storage of 160GB of permanent storage and access to 2 TB of shared scratch storage is included. If you would like access to the CyStorm cluster, please submit the HPC Cluster Access Request (authentication required).