New HPC Course Offered to Undergrads

A new course in High Performance Computing (HPC) is being offered spring semester 2014.

"High Performance Computing has become a critical technology for research and development in engineering, science, and finance," said Professor Glenn Luecke, instructor for the new course, and Director of HPC Education and Training. Moreover, experience with using HPC is an important skill useful to students seeking both academic and commercial jobs.

Professor Luecke has been teaching a graduate level course in HPC for many years, but this new HPC course is tailored to undergraduates. This course will provide an introduction to HPC by teaching basic concepts of serial and parallel high performance computing. Students will learn how to apply this knowledge and develop efficient parallel applications.

The new HPC course will use the new student cluster recently purchased by ISU. "The new student cluster uses state of the art technology to support both the new undergraduate HPC course as well as the graduate class," Luecke said.

Prerequisite for the new undergrad HPC course, Math 424X, ComS 424X or CprE 424X, is permission of the instructor or a knowledge of calculus (Math 265) and linear algebra (Math 207 or 317).

For more information, contact Glenn Luecke.