Condo2017 is the new headnode for the Condo cluster that is now running new operating system (Red hat Linux 7) and uses Slurm job scheduler.

HPC in cooperation with LAS ResearchIT has prodouced a series of videos explaining these changes.

Intro to Condo 2017

Condo 2017 Storage

Condo 2017 Scheduler

Condo 2017 Software


There are additional helpful  HPC videos availible on youtube at:


Users should login to instead of logging to . To login to condo2017 users should use Condo Google Authenticator account, and ISU password (not Condo password). Same applies to condodtn node -  ISU password and Condo Google Authenticator account should be used to login to the data transfer node.

The PBS job scripts that were used on Condo still can be used on the Condo2017. The PBS job scripts can be submitted either with "qsub" command or with Slurm "sbatch" command:

sbatch myscript

One can also translate existing PBS scripts to Slurm using pbs2sbatch command or use the Slurm job script writer to create Slurm job scripts.


All group working directories have been mounted on Condo2017.


As on the Condo cluster, application software is available via environment modules, however module names may differ between the Condo and Condo2017. Issue "module avail" to see available modules and make necessary changes in the job scripts.


myfiles is automounted on condo2017. Home directories in myfiles can be accessed at /myfiles/Users/<NetID> . The departmental storage can be accessed at /myfiles/<dept_name> , e.g. /myfiles/its , /myfiles/engr , or /myfiles/las .